About Us

“Because life is too short to wear boring jewelry, in our opinion, what pull the whole look together and make it special and unique are accessories”

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We are more than just a jewelry brand, we are a community. Nefelibata aims to inspire real people to believe in their dreams, express their individuality and empower each other to make them come true, and if we can leave a positive and fun experience while offering pieces that they want to rock on this journey, then we’ve done our job!


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Our Story

Mexican brand founded in 2018 by Rocío Pérez, a jewelry and fashion enthusiast since she was a child. Nefelibata started as a hobby in the living room of her tiny apartment in the heart of Polanco in Mexico City and her hope now is to transform this space into the ultimate jewelry destination by offering statement pieces with the perfect balance of glam, sophistication and an edgy touch for the everyday.
The collections are inspired by her passion for fashion and addiction to jewelry. Each design of the STUDIO collection is handmade with lots of love, care and time! Every piece of this collection aims to instantly upgrade any outfit by adding a fun and unique touch to bright up your day! While the ESSENTIALS collection a selection of timeless pieces carefully curated for you so you can mix and match your favorite studio items or just to give that sophisticated look to any outfit without breaking the bank!